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Freely Classic Condom 100 Pieces


Freely condoms were tested 100 %electronically and were produced to meet the highest international quality standards (EN ISO 4074: 2002) to provide the highest level of protection and pleasure.

Freely sperm non -lethal condoms are produced from high quality natural rubber latexters, flat surface, natural color, reservoir tip and slippery.

Each condom is disposable

It is an effective birth control method.

It provides protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

Natural rubber is made of latex.

Width: 52 +/- 2mm.

Keep it in a dry and cool place, do not expose it to direct sunlight.
Correct use can reduce the risk of pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted disease.
Sexually transmitted diseases, but no birth control method can provide 100 %protection.

Package Content: 100 Pieces Condevatators / 96 Boxes

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