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Anna Compact Electrical Breast Pump


Easy Installation and Cleaning Special Part Design
Light design, battery and portable adapter
Adjustable vacuum power with two different technology with sitimulation and milking mode

Description Electric breast pump
Vacuum (approximately): warning mode: about -60 ~ -130mmhg;
Expression mode: about -60 ~ -250mmhg

Unit weight: about 265 g (9,35 oz)
Chest Shield Size: 24mm or 27mm
Unit Size: 129 x 129 x 55mm (U x g x y)

Working environment:
Temperature: 5 C ~ 40 C (41 F ~ 104 F)
Moisture: 15 ~ 93%Rh
Pressure: 700HPA ~ 1060HPA

Storage Environment:
Temperature: -20OC ~ 55OC (-4of ~ 131of)
Moisture: ≤ 93%relative humidity

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