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Anna Practical Manual Breast Pump


Easy assembly, usage and cleaning
It fits perfectly to your chest with soft and comfortable silicone chest shield
Design for one -hand use gives you comfort and comfort
Special Design Bottle and Title for Stored Milk

Vacuum (approximately): approximately <-250 mmHg
Breast Shield Size: 24 mm (optional 27 mm)
Unit weight: about 159 g (5,61 oz)
Unit Dimensions: 205 x 186 x 90mm (U x g x y)

Working environment:
Temperature: 5 C ~ 40 C (41 F ~ 104 F)
Moisture: 15 ~ 93%Rh
Pressure: 700HPA ~ 1060HPA

Storage Environment:
Temperature: -20OC ~ 55OC (-4of ~ 131of)
Moisture: ≤ 93%relative humidity

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