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Freely Electric Wheelchair


When the batteries are removed, the foldable battery -powered wheelchair,
Easily folding and collaring thanks to the subtracted battery system,
High maneuverability,
Opening-off on joystick, speed adjustment dowels, speed-acuity garger indicators and voice
warning system
Double engine,
Opened backward, its highness adjustable and removable armies,
Compliance with the use of accompanying if necessary,

Sitting Site: 46 cm
Tasima Capacity: 120 kg
Sitting depth: 40 cm
Speed ​​(Min-Max): 1-12 km/h
Her herd distance: 25-35 km
Chair width: 62 cm
Angle of climbing: 12 °
Weight: 33 kg
Engine 2 pieces: 24v 250W
Length of Gerite: 15-52 cm
Battery: 12V 26 AH
Rear wheel diameter: 32 cm
Brake: Electromagnetic smart brake
Optional Options: Motor power increasing, AK U Capacity Enhancement (33 AH, 55ah)

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